Everything You Need to Know Before Renting Ski Gear

Renting gear is not just for novice skiers anymore. In fact, renting can allow skiers and riders at all levels to try before they buy, ease the logistics of traveling with equipment, and save money. Gone are the days of standing in line waiting for used and beat-up skis that may or may not work for your needs. You can now work with companies like Epic Mountain Rentals and get cutting-edge equipment, efficient customer service, and expert advice. Here’s everything you need to know about renting gear the next time you head out to the slopes.

What Are the Benefits of Renting Gear Through Epic Mountain Rentals?

Save Money

Hitting the slopes can be an expensive endeavor, especially when you are traveling with your whole family. Epic Mountain Rentals can offer savings in various ways, including 20% off rentals if booked in advance (and even an EXTRA 20% off for Epic Pass and Epic Day Pass Holders with the Epic Mountain Rewards Program), discounts on lift tickets, and avoiding oversized baggage fees when flying. 

Simpler Travel

Eliminate the headache of traveling with your own (and your family’s) equipment. Between finding a ski bag that fits everything, hauling skis to the airport, waiting for them at baggage claim, and dragging them to the lift, you could spend half your vacation lugging your skis around. If you rent, you can avoid all that schlepping and instead have your gear waiting for you at the shop or—depending on your resort—delivered to you wherever you are staying.

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Renting equipment makes trip logistics easier and gives you more time on the slopes.
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Cutting-edge Equipment

When you rent through Epic Mountain Rentals, you get gear from top brands like Burton, Salomon, Volkl, K2, Rossignol, and others. If you are in love with your ski set-up and nervous about trying something new, you will likely find something similar. If you get something that’s not fitting or conditions change, you can easily trade it in and try something different. 

If you don’t have your own set-up or are looking to upgrade, then the Demo Package is the perfect way to up your game before making a big commitment. Try out newer models, switch equipment partway through the day, or just experiment with something different for fun. Often shops will let you put a portion of the money you spent on demos/rentals toward purchasing the gear you end up loving. 

Excellent Customer Service

RentSkis.com rental shops are staffed with experts who are happy to give you advice on what you need based on the conditions and your abilities. The many other amenities offered by RentSkis.com—delivery service, overnight storage, easy pick-up and drop-off—will help to make figuring out the logistics of your trip simple, giving you more time on the mountain.

Heated Boots

Does anything else need to be said?

Here’s How It Works

YvXHUoTqhX5el4ZullyD5Demoing new set-ups is a great way to save money by figuring out what you like before you buy.
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Don’t be intimidated by the process of renting skis—the experts at Epic Mountain Rentals are available to answer any questions you might have and make sure you end up in the perfect setup for your interests and abilities. When you go to reserve your skis online, you’ll answer some basic questions: which resort you’ll ski, when you need to pick up and reserve your equipment, and whether you ski or snowboard.

Next, you’ll have a chance to choose which of the four offered packages best suits your needs. Sport skis and boards are a bit more flexible and forgiving, so better for beginners. Performance packages are great for intermediate skiers ready to ride a bit faster; demo packages include the newest and best gear the shop carries—including all-mountain, women’s specific, and powder skis. There’s also an option for junior skis for kids 12 and under. Helmets are also available.  

Once you’ve chosen the right package based on your ability, you can select which location you’ll rent from and whether to pick up your equipment in-store or have it delivered to your accommodations at no extra cost. Finally, you will enter your height, weight, gender, and shoe size, and let them know if you have a preferred length (this is optional). You will also be asked about your on-slope personality. Are you a cautious, moderate, or aggressive skier? 

That’s it—your skis will be waiting for you at the appointed time.

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Tips and Tricks To Get Started

11IGmjEz0f3NBsuGrPfB70Renting skis from Epic Mountain Rentals is a great way to maximize your time on the mountain.
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Book your ski rental package as soon as you know the dates of your trip.

Epic Mountain Rentals works with professional shops at some of the biggest resorts in skiing, so you’ll be able to find skis just about any time during the season, even on busy holiday weekends. When you book early, you can secure up to 20% off, so there is no excuse for waiting. 

Have your equipment delivered directly to your accommodations.

This fantastic service is offered as a complementary option at some of your favorite resorts and lets you do everything from a boot fitting in the comfort of your room to having your gear dropped off in the morning.

Take advantage of storage options offered by shops.

Many Epic Mountain Rental locations provide overnight storage for your skis or board and boots, as well as daytime storage for your street shoes. If you’re renting from a slopeside site, this means you can finish your last run of the day, drop off your gear, and head straight to your après-ski plans. Check with your specific destination for details.

If you are looking to ease the challenges of planning trip logistics, then renting skis may be just the way to go. Saving money, hitting the slopes with the best gear, and warm toes from heated boots all add to the joy of vacation. In short, when you rent equipment, you’re giving yourself the gift of more time spent on the snow.  

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Written by Emma Walker for Matcha in partnership with Epic Mountain Gear.

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